The SPG First Class Travel Credit Card Collection

Because why fly coach when you can fly first class?

Here are the cards that you’ll need:

American Express: Business Platinum Card, Personal/Business SPG Card


Do not be alarmed at the high annual fees, as they will be well worth it. This portfolio is for users who will ultimately be redeeming their hard earned points for one of Marriott’s Flight and Hotel packages. The biggest challenge will be the $5,000 spend in 3 months using the Amex Business Platinum Card. The other card spends are relatively low and will be easy to manage when spread out over a few months. For a luxury traveler, the perks offered by the Platinum Card are invaluable and often hard to obtain through spend alone. The complimentary gold status with SPG and Marriott will include perks such as: welcome gifts, faster internet and potential room upgrades.

Here’s how it works:

End goal: Marriott Flight and Hotel Deal

The Strategy:

Your primary objective should be identifying when you can spend the $5,000 on the Platinum Card. Aside from that, make sure your CC applications are somewhat spaced out so that you don’t have to meet several spend requirements at once. Here’s the breakdown by card:

Almost there

And just like that, we are steps away from our 90,000 point goal. At this point there are several options.

  1. Notable mentions: Apply for an Amex Cobalt or Personal Gold Card: The Cobalt card is an excellent choice due to its high earn rates (5MR per dollar on food and drink) and points are transferable to SPG. It also has a monthly earn bonus for the first year which makes it valuable to have as soon as possible. The Personal Gold Card is also worth a mention with a 25,000 MR bonus with $1,500 spend.
  2. Buy Starpoints Online: If you need an injection of Starpoints quickly, Starwood offers them for sale; 1,500 points will cost $52.50 USD. This is not the best choice but will do in a pinch. Click here to take a look at purchasing Starpoints.

And… you’re done!

7 Nights at a Category 1–5 Marriott Hotel and 120,000 Miles for 270,000 Marriott Points

What can 146,000 (or 120,000) miles get me ?

Let’s look at some notable redemptions (Business or First Class):

  • 1 round trip first class ticket from Canada to Asia on Cathay Pacific or Japan Airlines = 140,000 Miles
  • 1 one way business class ticket from Canada to Asia on Emirates Airline = 105,000 Miles

Wait… won’t this ruin my credit score?

No, it won’t. As long as you are practicing good credit card spending habits, the credit drop from applying for these cards will be negligible. From my experience, my credit will dip temporarily and fully recover within a few weeks of my application. If you are concerned about your credit score, make sure you spread out each credit card application and pay off your cards whenever it is due.

And there you have it!

An effective way to accumulate enough points for a first class flight across the world. Please visit my other posts for individual reviews on the various cards used in this strategy!

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